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Chapter 1

I have spent over 15 years working with my team of professional actors at Partners With You

I have trained with PRISM Brain Mapping, Dr Maria Paviour and Dr Lynda Shaw

Chapter 2

If you tend to view yourself and your life negatively then I highly recommend you read The Luck Factor and Rip It Up, both by Richard Wiseman.

The Luck Factor, Richard Wiseman. Published Random House. ISBN 978-0-09-944324-7, and Rip It Up, Richard Wiseman. Published Pan Macmillan.
ISBN 978-1-4472-7336-3.

Chapter 3

The Betari or Betari’s Box is a classic model in conflict management. The origin of the model is unknown.

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Chapter 4

I reference this book a number of times. At this point in relation to how we assess each other when we first meet.

Presence by Amy Cuddy. Publisher: Orion Publishing Co. ISBN: 9781409156000

For free videos on how to make a great first impression you can access the videos here

Chapter 5

I often quote from Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘I Keep Six Honest Serving Men’

The section in the audio book regarding how to communicate with different people and adapt your approach was adapted from original source provided by PRISM Brain Mapping.

Chapter 6

If assertive behaviour is an area you know you need to work on then I would highly recommend you read Assertiveness At Work: A Practical Guide To Handling Awkward Situations by Ken Back and Kate Back.

Assertiveness at Work by Ken Back and Kate Back McGraw-Hill, 2005. ISBN: 9780077114280.

Chapter 7

I have worked with Helen Reynolds of Helen Reynolds Style.

In October 2019, Marissa Korbel wrote in her article for Guernica “Why we cry when we are angry” …

Chapter 8

I reference the nursery rhyme ‘For want of the nail, the shoe was lost’

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Chapter 9

I have never seen a speaker lose their authority because they told a story. Just watch a few Ted talks and you will see what I mean.

Chapter 10

“Good communication leads us away from misunderstanding, conflict, waste of time and missed opportunities. And it leads us towards co-operation, collaboration, clarity, opportunities, positive working relationships, understanding, effectiveness, productivity, team working, strong leadership, solution-seeking, problem-solving and creativity”.

Caroline Walker of Confident Teens

Kolb’s learning model published in 1984 shows the way that you experience learning.

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