First Impressions Programme

You’ve heard it said before … you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression and this set of videos give you all the tools you need to make a great first impression every time!

The programme includes 6 videos covering the 6 key areas where you can get it wrong. From handshakes to posture and personal space to your smile.

The usual price for the videos is £19.99 plus VAT but as a reader of ‘Step Out From the Shadows’ you can have free access.

Just register here and you will be able to access…

A video on … Starting to read body language – Understanding what others’ are telling you before they even open their mouth is the first step to understanding what you are telling them. This 2 minute video contains an introduction to the importance of body language and a suggestion of how to improve your body language reading skills.

A video on … Standing or sitting tall – Your posture will determine how others assess your ability so here are some tips to help you get it right every time.

A video on … Getting your personal space right for conversation – A look at the effect of boundaries and territories and how you can make others uncomfortable if you get it wrong.

A video about … Genuine smiles – The difference between a smile and a snarl is all in the eyes. Learn how you can make sure that your smile never looks insincere.

A video on … The importance of eye contact – Understand the importance of eye contact and how to improve the way conversation flows.

And a video on … What your handshake is telling us – See some of the more common handshakes we come across and what they are saying.

In less than 15 minutes you will have a range of top tips and exercises for improving each of these important elements so that others see the real you that hides beneath the nervous you when you don’t ‘Step Out From the Shadows’