Do you struggle to have the impact and influence you deserve?

Do you refuse opportunities to stand up and present for fear of not being good at it?

Do you make excuses or avoid events where you think you need to network?

Then join the Communication Academy

... a place where you can learn new techniques, practice and build your communication expertise. A place where you can gain confidence, upskill your communication, build credibility, and transform your conversations.

The Communication Academy is for you if you want more confidence … More confidence in you, in the way you come across and, in your ability to be seen and heard at work.

It’s for you if you want to enhance the essential communication skills to Step Out From The Shadows; whether you are presenting (on or off line), in a meeting, networking or handling a difficult conversation.

The Challenge

You know what you want to say. You have all the experience and expertise of your colleagues and yet your career or business just isn’t progressing as quickly or as well as you’d like.

Despite having something to say you aren’t speaking up at meetings and you aren't promoting yourself, your product, or your service. And when you do speak up, you sit down feeling that you could have done better … or worse, just wanting the floor to open up beneath you!

Deep down you know it’s only you who is holding yourself back. You’re not taking the opportunities that are there in front of you… you’re stepping backwards instead of forwards.

You want to:

  • Look and sound more confident than you feel and project authority, so that others listen to you when you speak.
  • Handle difficult situations so you can reduce conflict and increase your authority.
  • Network to build relationships and feel comfortable doing so.
  • Present your ideas to others in a way that not only grabs their attention but keeps it throughout. And in a way that doesn’t make you feel as though you're pretending to be someone else.

You want to step up … but you just don’t know how.

“My communication style has definitely improved and I’m being more assertive. I even found myself taking the lead in a meeting the other day, which I would never normally do.” - SS, Essex

The Solution

Come and join other successful communicators looking to upskill and build their confidence so you too can Step Out From The Shadows.

The Communication Academy gives you the space to practice and discuss what you’re learning, and helps you to build strategies and approaches to handle a whole variety of business situations and use them in your day-to-day work.

Meeting monthly, we build on the five key areas of communication:

  • communicating with yourself
  • communicating with others
  • communicating with groups
  • communicating to build relationships
  • communicating in difficult situations.

The Communication Academy covers topics such as:

  • How to understand your personal communication style ... and why it matters so much.
  • The impact of your style on others and how to adapt it to achieve different and better outcomes.
  • Managing your inner voice.
  • Organising your ideas so they are easy to talk about.
  • Presenting you thoughts so others want to listen.
  • Becoming more visible.
  • Building relationships and influence online and offline.
  • Handling conflict in a way that also works for you.
  • Delivering difficult messages.
  • Handling yourself and technology when things go wrong.
  • Building your personal brand.

But it isn’t just about the content. Every month you practice the techniques and commit to how you will use them in the coming weeks. You share both successes and when things don’t quite work out as expected … and there will be ongoing support from myself and the group.

This isn't for you if you just want three hours out of the office every month and then go back to forget everything.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Learn techniques to improve and build your communication skill set.
  • Practice what you have learnt to aid retention.
  • Build consistency into your learning so that the techniques become second nature, and:
  • Grow both personally, and at work, into the communicator you know you can be, with the support and know-how.

"I am grateful for so many things. One is having the courage to connect with you and ask for help. Thank you for being a trainer and mentor of the little actions that make all the difference in presentations on and offline”. - AU, London

“I learnt a lot of techniques and helpful tools which I will definitely use.” - DT, London

As a member you:

Meet monthly for three hours at our venue Missenden Abbey so that you can:

  • Network with other members to build relationships.
  • Receive a spotlight session on the communication topic of the month.
  • Take home templates and handouts so you can revisit the techniques in your own time.
  • Put the techniques covered into practice in a safe environment.
  • Have time to consider and decide how to put these techniques into practice back in the office, in a way that works for you.
  • Be accountable for your actions to the others in the room.

In addition, there is:

  • An online Communication Clinic run each month so you can book an individual short call to discuss any questions or communication concerns.
  • Ongoing support from myself and the community ... cheering you on, holding you accountable and problem solving.

Over the months you build a toolkit packed full of real-life examples, proven techniques and simple to use tools to take away and use immediately ... AND, you set and achieve your own personal goals which will increase your communication skills.

As a member you will also receive …

  • Free Power of the Voice MP3 full of vocal exercises and techniques (value £25 + VAT)
  • A copy of my book Step Out From The Shadows; How to be seen and heard at work (value £12.99)
  • And a guarantee that the price you pay will never rise.

Give me some details…

Every time we meet, we cover a combination of useful tools and concepts and you have opportunities to practice them and reflect on what you’ve learnt. Unlike a workshop, with the Communication Academy your skills develop progressively as you learn more techniques and – crucially – practice your skills in a fun, supportive setting. You can try new ideas out, see how they feel, and see how people respond to you. We all need to practise - it’s how we learn and improve.

Each time we meet you will set your own goals to implement what you’ve learnt and at the end of the meeting, you’ll leave with an action plan to take you forward through the month.

If you were to approach me to work with you for a year on an individual basis my fees would be around £9,000. As a member of the Communication Academy, you will be part of a select group who are only paying £149/month (£124.17 + VAT). And, that price will be for the lifetime of your membership.

Remember, when you join the Communication Academy as a member you will get ….

  • Face-to-face monthly meetings.
  • Access to an individual session at a monthly Communication Clinic.
  • Handouts and templates covering all the techniques which will build into a toolkit that you can access and use going forward.
  • A Power of the Voice MP3.
  • A copy of my book Step Out From The Shadows; How to be seen and heard at work.
  • Ongoing support from myself and the community.

“A key takeaway is that I am the only person standing in my way … I need to overcome my doubts and apply the techniques that I have learnt in order to show my colleagues that I am someone to be taken seriously.” - KA, Bucks

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Once you join your membership fee will remain the same as long as you are a member (and that’s up to you too … no minimum membership or contracts).