This is for you if you wish you had more confidence. In you, in the way you come across and, in your ability to step out from the shadows.

In just a few weeks learn the basics to Step Out From The Shadows whether you are presenting (on or off line), in a meeting, networking or handling a difficult conversation.

Join the Communication Academy - How to be Seen and Heard at Work …

… And gain credibility, confidence and upskill your communication skills.

The challenge

You know what you want to say. You have all the experience and expertise of your colleagues and yet your career or business just isn’t progressing as quickly or as well as you’d like.

Despite having something to say you aren’t speaking up at meetings, promoting yourself, your product or your service and when you do, you just want the floor to open up under you.

Deep down you know it’s you who is holding yourself back, not taking the opportunities that are there and stepping back instead of forwards.

You want to:

  • Find ways to build and nurture relationships with contacts new and old so that conversations flow and decisions can be achieved more quickly.
  • Handle difficult situations so that conflict is reduced and your authority increases
  • Present your ideas to others in a way that not only grabs their attention but keeps it throughout and doesn’t make you feel as though you are pretending to be someone else.
  • Look and sound more confident than you feel and have the authority so that others listen to you when you speak.

You want to step up … but you just don’t know how.

“My communication style has definitely improved and I’m being more assertive. I even found myself taking the lead in a meeting the other day, which I would never normally do.”

The solution

Join a small group of other communicators looking to upskill and build their confidence to Step Out From The Shadows.

This 6-week programme covers:

  • How to understand your communication style ... and why it matters.
  • The impact of your style on others and how to adapt it to get different and better outcomes.
  • Managing your inner voice.
  • Organising your ideas to they are easy to talk about.
  • Presenting you thoughts so others want to listen.
  • Becoming more visible.
  • Building relationships and influence on and off line.
  • Handling conflict in a way that works for you too.
  • Delivering difficult messages.
  • Handling yourself and technology when things go wrong.
  • Building your personal brand.

Over 6 weeks, you will be able to:

  • Join live 3-hour sessions covering techniques that you can put into use immediately
  • Discuss real life situations and learn tools to help you deal with them
  • Watch (and re-watch) recordings of our sessions so you can increase your understanding.
  • Plan your goals and stay accountable throughout and beyond
  • Receive an individual report and overview of your personal communication style so that you can understand the way that you and others communicate

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have a toolkit full of real-life examples, techniques and tools to take away and use as well as having set and achieved your own personal goals to increase your communication skills.

“The course was really useful. I learnt a lot of techniques and helpful tools which I will definitely use.”


  • An invitation to the next Partners With You On-line Presentation skills workshop which includes a morning of techniques to help you to look and sound confident and competent, whatever the situation AND an individual coaching session with a professional actor to address your specific issues. (value £295 + vat)
  • Free Power of the Voice MP3 (value £25 + vat)
  • 90-minute individual session to really understand your communication style and set your goals for the programme
  • Over 50% off any one of the Partners With You On-line Presentation skills workshops running in 2021 (value £170 + vat)
  • Ongoing email and telephone support for three months following the programme

Give me some details…

Following your 90-minute session with me we start on the morning of September 16th, on-line from the comfort of your office or home.

We will meet on 6 Thursday mornings from 9:45 for 3 hours, each week covering a new communication shadow and how to move out of it.

Every time we meet we’ll cover a combination of useful tools and concepts and you’ll have opportunities to practice them and reflect on what you’ve learnt. Each week you will set your own goals to implement what you have learnt and at the end of the programme you will leave with an action plan to take forward.

The planned dates will cover:

  • September 16th – Communicating with yourself … what you say and how you talk to yourself
  • September 23rd – Communicating with others … building relationships & rapport
  • September 30th – Communicating to collaborate … and speaking up in meetings
  • October 7th – Communicating to groups … and presenting with confidence
  • October 14th – Communicating in difficult situations … and handling conflict
  • October 21st – Communicating going forward … setting your goals to move out of your shadows

Remember, in addition to the 18 hours of training, handouts of all the techniques and recordings of the content, you will get ….

  • Your communication style report and a 90-minute individual feedback session with Sally (value £295 + vat)
  • An invitation to the next Partners With You On-line Presentation skills workshop which includes a morning of techniques to help you to look and sound confident and competent, whatever the situation AND an individual coaching session with a professional actor to address your specific issues. (value £295 + vat)
  • Free Power of the Voice MP3 (value £25 + vat)
  • Three months of email and telephone support to be taken as and when needed. (value … incalculable!)

That's a total programme value of over £1,140+ vat (£1,368). And yet when you join this programme with like-minded people who want the ability to stand up and speak out in situations where they are currently silent, you only pay £750 + vat!

“A key takeaway is that I am the only person standing in my way … I need to overcome my doubts and apply the techniques that I have learnt in order to show my colleagues that I am someone to be taken seriously.”

Yes please … I’m in!

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May you always feel comfortable standing up and speaking out.

Best wishes

Sally Hindmarch

Managing Director
Partners With You Ltd

P.S. Whether you are looking for a new role, starting a new business, hoping to be promoted or just want to make sure you are at the top of your game … the Communication Academy is for you.