Becoming the boss of your mates.

Becoming the boss of your mates.

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Becoming the boss of your mates.

One of the hardest things to do in business (in my opinion) is to be promoted internally. One day you are the same as all your mates and the next you are their boss!

If you’ve read Step Out From The Shadows, you’ll know what a fraud I felt the day I walked into my new office, having been in the open plan space only a few days before.

Managing your friends is hard. Some of them may have applied for the same job and there will definitely be some in the office who think they could do better.

This fraudulent fear after promotion isn’t a sign of youth … I meet lots of people who suffer from various degrees of “Imposter Syndrome” where they feel that they will be caught out at any moment.

If this resonates with you … please …

  1. Remember that you’ve been promoted for a reason. Someone more senior than you has seen your potential. Accept that they were right and you will grow into the role.
  2. Know that your real friends will be delighted for you. If they aren’t, then they aren’t real friends.
  3. Accept that some people won’t like you. That’s OK everyone doesn’t have to. If you are fair, assertive and clear and understand that some might need time to adjust … even those who applied and weren’t chosen will start to see you were the right choice.

And remember that if you have to ask someone else to do something, your body language and vocal tone will tell others if you’re not feeling 100% confident. If you ask with an air of apology for causing inconvenience, then you automatically diminish the way that they receive your message.

So, as well as changing your thoughts … make sure you’re standing well, have good eye-contact and that you minimise any fiddles or fidgets before you start.