Do they even speak my language?

Do they even speak my language?

Category: Communicating with others

Do they even speak my language?

These were the words that my client said in sheer frustration when talking about their newly appointed member of staff.

“They were in the same meeting as me and they heard the same information and we agreed what they would do next … and yet they haven’t done it and they seem confused by my expectation that they will!”

I had a pretty good idea of what was coming next … “I should have sent them a reminder.” “Maybe I should have checked in with them before today’s meeting to check they knew what was on the action list” … and so it goes on! Questioning what they could have done to remind the person who hadn’t taken action.

Maybe it isn’t the lack of reminding that is the problem. Some people need more direction … others need to see it in writing, hearing isn’t enough.

That’s what an action sheet is for.

It often accompanies the minutes of the meeting but can be created without. And ideally the job of creating the action sheet should be shared out so it’s not always the same person creating it. However, the important thing is to document who is doing what, why and by when.

The headings of 4 columns are What; When; Why; Who

For example:

  • The cost estimates to be sourced for new laptop;
  • Prices to be circulated before next meeting on DD/MM/YY;
  • Decision can be made re making purchase at next meeting;
  • To be actioned by John Smith.

The action sheet should then be circulated as soon as possible afterwards.

Yes, it would be lovely if everyone took a note of what they have agreed to do but hoping they will only leads to the sort of frustration that my poor client was going through!