Is your presentation style losing you credibility?

Is your presentation style losing you credibility?

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Is your presentation style losing you credibility?

Have you watched someone present and thought this person isn’t someone I’ll be hiring anytime soon? Or discounted the information that they’re providing because you simply don’t believe them? … Just from the way they’re presenting?

Don’t feel bad … we all do it! We assume a person’s credibility and capability from the way they present themselves.

If their body language or vocal tone don’t match what they’re saying, you won’t believe them. For example, if the woman in this picture was to stand like that and tell you that she’s the best in her sector and her service could change your life … you probably wouldn’t believe her. Or you would certainly want some proof!

There are a lot of ways that you can ensure you create the image that your knowledge and skills deserve but for starters, here are four key top tips.

As good as your content may be, your credibility will disappear if you’re wandering around or pacing in front of the audience for no apparent reason.

I watched a presentation recently when the gentleman presenting didn’t actually move but rocked forward from one foot to another throughout his presentation … for 15 minutes!

Another time the speaker’s top half and voice was controlled and had real gravitas. Unfortunately, the bottom half was pacing back and forth, with no direction or purpose, and on the rare occasion they did stand still, one foot continued moving.

Remember to stand on three points (heel, little toe and big toe) on BOTH feet to enhance your credibility.

If you are going to use PowerPoint … don’t read the slides to me!

If that was your plan just hand out the presentation, give me 5 minutes to read without interruption and then I’ll ask questions if need be. Your audience can’t read and listen at the same time and as your delivery of the message, if read, will probably be fairly dull they will stop listening anyway.

When speaking, remember to look at the people to the side of the room and not just those in the middle. Those to the side can feel very cut off by the lack of eye contact so they just won’t hear as well.

And finally, KEEP TO TIME! If you can’t keep your presentation to time, it implies a lot more … that you can’t be trusted to deliver what you say you will, that you will take longer with your project than expected, or you just think your time is more important than everyone else’s.

For more tips on how to improve your presentations, click on the link at the bottom of this page and download my 21 tips to better presentations.